Associates of T. cespitosum ~ Northern Deergrass

Click below for a list of associates of Northern Deergrass from fifteen sites in Scotland and northern England.

Three pages – needs scrolling to see them all!

The species are ranked by pH preference, from most acidophile down to most basiphile (based on ECOFACT Ellenberg Factors).

PDF of the associates file here: PDF [104 KB, opens in a new window: NB: three pages! - scroll down]

This table shows the striking contrast between the varied and basiphile associates in sites such as Widdybank Pasture or Glen Fender Meadows, and the acidophile associates at e.g. Butterburn Flow.

Very remarkably, the Hybrid Deergrass and Cross-leaved Heath (the latter in only one list) are the only associates in common between the list for Widdybank/Glen Fender (pH around 3-9 – Ellenberg) and Butterburn Flow (pH around 1-2)!

One wonders if there are two ecotypes involved here.

It is planned in future seasons to survey the water regimes of a selection of these sites for parameters such as pH, solutes concentration, and dissolved oxygen.

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